MLM Newbie' s Crash Course in Affiliate Article Marketing

Welcome to Affiliate-Article-Marketing Basics:


This is a crash course on earning an income selling Other People's Products for a hefty commision. ie. Affiliate Marketing

But with a twist or two!

We'll show you the benefits of doing it almost exclusively with Article Marketing, and then demonstrate that what we have been showing you is, in fact, the ideal MLM business model.

"Affiliate-Article-Marketing" is just another name for the cutting edge Attraction Online MLM Business Model that is working so well right now.

"OK, I can see how MLM is similar to affiliate marketing, but what does that have to do with articles?"

Well, it is the articles that provide the attraction, so that you can develop a relationship with the prospect, which leads to them becoming a "buyer", of either your affiliate product, or your MLM business opportunity, or product. (Or all of the above!)

Articles are the heart and soul of your campaign to "warm-up" the prospect. Having entered their search question, They were directed to your article which adresses their question directly.(they googled the same keywords that you used in your article)

Reading and digesting your article, gives the prospect the opportunity to learn to "know you". Here's where you develop credibility, and trust. The ones who are likely to buy from you, and in fact may become long-term customers, will follow your link to your "lead-capture-page".


And now, you offer them a 'lure' to opt-in to your email list.

Your auto responder does all that for you, while you are at your son's football game.

You have skillfully avoided trying to sell from your website, thus avoiding the wrath of your parent MLM company; You have enlarged your "list" by adding an individual who wanted to be there.

And perhaps, most important, you now have the opportunity to communicate with your prospect over and over. I've been told your prospect has to see your offer 8 or 9 times before they decide to "buy".

On your website you only get 1 shot at them and they are gone! This is the other key reason to never "sell" on your website.

Nothing could seem simpler than finding a great product, and then selling it for a nice commision to those who are already anxious to buy that product.

The devil, however, is in the details.

The biggest problem is that NOBODY will buy from you if they dont know you or trust you!

Now you know how the pros do it.

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