Welcome back,

Today we want to get your thinking cap on straight!

The very first thing to learn is that you must forget everything you were taught about traditional offline MLM. (except, of course, the values, such as building relationships and maintaining a unique business presence, etc.)

Offline MLM techniques just don't work on the internet!

(Well, for that matter, they didn't work for 95% of us anyway!)

Face it! MLM - Multilevel Marketing - is, well - Marketing! Live with it. Embrace it. Learn it. Yes, marketing on the internet can be cutthroat - unless you know the ropes.

So the remainder of this minicourse is devoted to showing you how to market your MLM business on the internet.


It is nothing like what you've been led to expect. If you aren't open-minded and able to discard old notions, and embrace new ideas that really do work - STOP! There really is no point in reading on!

Putting your ideas and products on a website, and getting it out there to attract prospects and customers is doomed to failure. (Unless you know the right "twist")


(1) It didn't even work offline, did it? (where it was taught)

(2) Do you know how to create and host a website (or blog)?

(3) The odds are extremely high nobody will ever see your site

(4) In all liklihood, your parent MLM company forbids it

(5) The tiny few who do find you aren't going to buy

(6) You'll run into that negative cash flow monster - just like you did offline


OK, so now you see a few of the obstacles to creating your Dream Online MLM Business.

And now watch as we conduct the "end-run" of the decade.

We're not going to overcome these obstacles! We're going to go right around them!

You'll see not only how to market on the internet, you'll drool at the prospect of all those eager customers/prospective business partners paying you just to learn what you have to say!

You'll hear many ways to describe this: funded proposal; positive cash flow; multiple streams of income; attraction marketing.

Negative cash flow caused the demise of most of the 95% who failed in MLM.

Positive cash flow, which you will get when you market your business the right way, is the "oxygen" that keeps your business alive - and growing. While you survive the learning curve.

OK, OK, just get to the point!

When you become an internet multilevel marketer, you will

(a) Forget everything you were taught offline

(b) Decide you're going to become a Marketer

(c) Learn to use proven, internet marketing techniques (IM Basics)

Successful internet marketers don't just throw up a page of products and an order form - They learned years ago that there won't be any orders!

So, how do they make their fortunes? Great question.

They build up a relationship with their potential customers. They create trust and credibility. They presell!

The really good ones lure you into their parlor. They offer free info. Maybe a free e-book. Or software.(Or even a minicourse!)

(Then she gets you to give her your email.) - You're hooked!

Bingo! The real marketing process begins. You're on her list.

It's called email marketing. It works for internet marketing. And it works even better for internet network marketing (MLM)

Tomorrow, our topic is "Time To Build Your Online 'Store'"

Till then, study hard.

James Symonds