Welcome back.

Today we're going to talk about what it takes to have your presence on the internet. You know, your "website".

Notice the quotes, because everyone's perception of a website is a little different.

Some build a traditional website which might have a couple hundred pages, or "articles". Others create only a single "lead capture page". Some have just a blog. There are those who claim that the only way to go, is to have dozens or hundreds of "mini-sites" - and earn just a few dollars a day off each one.

Please be aware that I am speaking in general of Internet Marketers - who for the most part have no particular interest in network marketing, or MLM.

Listen carefully; Since it is your intention to build your "Dream Onine MLM Biz", there are a few facts which you must know. And with that knowledge you're going to determine what "kind" of a website you build.

First of all, you will not, with a few exceptions, be selling your products or recruiting business partners directly from your website! Your website will be a source of information for your prospects. It will be a venue for establishing your credibility - establishing your "brand" (your "M.O.")

You do your "preselling" here. Your goal is to "attract" as many deeply interested visitors ("targeted traffic") as is humanly possible. Visitors who are looking for information. They aren't looking to buy! (Yet!)

You are also going to use it to "capture" prospects who are attracted to your site, and intrigued by the info you are giving them. You'll get the serious ones to "opt-in" to your email list, where the real business takes place!


OK So just what do you need to do? Here are a few of your options:

(1) Have someone build a website for you (2) Use your MLM company replicated site (3) Learn all the technology and build it yourself (4) Take a shortcut and use someone's "template" (5) Join a "system" with their customizable website (6) Use nothing but a simple blog (7) Use the "paint-by-numbers" method I do, which is Site Build It (SBI) which walks you thru every step

Now you will find there are drawbacks to any of the above, so you have to draw on your own abilities and resources to decide.

Some are very expensive. Others take too long. Still others leave you with a site which has no value to you because you aren't establishing your own identity. (Search engines ignore replicated sites.)

And if your "Dream Online MLM Biz" is to have your own growing business, there is no point in "joining" someone else's business (just to make them richer!)


And remember, your only job on your website is to attract your desired prospects, give them the valuable info that they are seeking, and "lure" them to opt in to your email list so you can begin the marketing process.

So your website will above all, need to have high quality "content", in order to be unique, build relationships, but be attractive to both your prospects and search engines. (If you are effective with your website, you will be able to get significant amounts of free targeted traffic from the search engines.)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the subject of up-coming articles and reports.

If you decide to do it all yourself, you've got to learn to choose your "Niche" (probably one of your MLM company products), choose a "Domaine Name, build your "Website", get it "Hosted" online, learn to "Presell", Get "Targeted Traffic", Build an "Opt-in List" using your "Auto-responder", and then learn to conduct a gang-buster "Email Marketing" campaign.

My decision was easy. Since I was (am?) a tech illiterate, I chose SBI. Because SBI does it all! And walks me thru it all at my pace.

But never forget, your Dream Online MLM Biz is only going to work if you come up with the ideas in the first place.


OK, building that list will be the most important thing you do. So just how do you get prospects onto your opt-in list so you can market to them by email?

You entice them to "Opt-in" by offering them something of value. Maybe an e-book. Or perhaps a "minicourse". (Sound familiar?)

But you had to get them to find see your "Offer" in the first place, Right?

Now we're talking getting "Targeted Traffic" to your site. Again, this is a whole subject in itself. And it can make you or break you. Fortunately we will be talking about that a lot in future e-mails.

And you will have to know where to find the right kind of prospects to attract.

Someone once said; "You can learn internet marketing in a few weeks, but it takes a lifetime to master". In other words, the most successful never quit learning.

Tomorrow, we'll be talking about those "endless" leads.

Till then, study hard.

James Symonds