Well, we're back, and today we'll talk about your favorite subject - "Getting lots of online MLM Leads (especially free ones!)"

Some of this will begin to sound repetitious. But repitition does help some things to sink in.

First off, I want you to forget MLM for the moment.

Remember, getting MLM "leads" is indistinguishable from the Internet Marketer's task of getting "targeted traffic" to his website or "lead capture page".

Marketing (anything) on the internet has been perfected by certain individuals. In general they are called "Internet Marketers"

A subset of internet marketing is known as "Affiliate Marketing". Affiliate marketers simply sell some one else's product for them and receive a commision. Some, among them, are so skilled and so successful, they are called "Super Affiliates"


You know what? We, as internet multilevel marketers, do exactly that! That is, we sell some one else's product for them and receive a commision!

Read that again!

So, in effect, we are affiliate marketers!

Well, then why haven't online MLMers been successful too?

Simple. We didn't do it the same way they did. We tried to do it the way we did it off-line! (And for over 95% of us it was a miserable failure there too!)


Yep. They really do. They just dont call them that.

They call it bulding a list! Or building an "email opt-in subscriber list".

And now you know, (whether you realize it or not), the whole secret to Online MLM Success. How to build your Dream Online MLM Biz!

You get people ("targeted prospects") to visit your website or lead-capture-page. Some will buy products through your affiliate links. You "lure" the ones most interested in your story to "opt-in" (thus avoiding any charges of "spam") to your "list", where you are free to communicate, build further rapport, and discuss "business".

It can all be accomplished with the use of a high quality autoresponder service.

Tip: Getting targeted traffic is a "monster" topic. You can spend months learning the ropes or spend thousands of $ on courses about it.

The thing is, you do need lots of targeted traffic to build your list.

Ironically, when you have built that really big list, - it actually becomes your "traffic". In other words, it's there for you to market to over and over.


There are lots of ways. I have one e-book that lists over 140 different ways. But most of it is obtained the old-fashioned way.

You buy it, borrow it, or beg it. (Think of getting traffic as the online equivalent of a business's advertising budget.)

However, I am an advocate of free traffic. (Well, free in a monetary sense - there is a sweat-equity involved.)

Free search engine traffic can be had. And we'll talk a lot about that in future emails. But my all-time favorite is "article marketing". And, lo and behold, that leads directly to the free search engine traffic bit!

Pay per click ("PPC") is extremely popular to those willing to "pay" for their traffic. It is very dangerous, however, to the novice. Just like buying leads offline, you can get into a negative cash flow in a hurry - only worse, if you dont know the ropes.

Tomorrow: We'll talk about the various ways you can "monetize" your Dream Online MLM Biz.

Till then, study hard.

James Symonds