The Affiliate Network Model Makes Online MLM Work

We'll use the affiliate network model of internet marketing as a major building block for our successful online mlm business.

Remember, affiliates have been very successful on the internet for years, and we network marketers have not.

OK, a comparison or two will help. Affiliate internet marketing is the practice of marketing someone else's products or services in exchange for a pre-determined commision.

They don't manufacture anything to sell, keep inventory in stock, or have any employees. They simply arrange with the manufacturer, or distributor to "help them" sell their products. In many cases the products which they represent are other internet marketers' digital products. E-books and so on.

In other words, they are very much like the old vacuum cleaner salesman. Selling products for someone else. I haven't looked, but I'll bet you that there are affiliates online selling vacuum cleaners.

From the manufacturer's or creator's point of view, Affiliate Marketers are their online sales force.

But they did have to learn how to do it a whole lot differently on the internet. Now, anything that can be sold on the internet can probably be sold by an affiliate.


Now about the comparison: Network marketers also market other people's products or services. We also get paid a commision for doing so. So how come their business thrives online, and ours doesn't?

One very simple reason. They adapted! They perfected the system that works online. Try as we might, our obsolete old offline MLM "system" just doesn't work on the internet.

I told you, a few pioneers have discovered how to make it work. Interestingly, they have modeled their new systems after affiliates. I dont believe they did it consciously.

Well, we are going to use the affiliate system intentionally. When the light bulb went off and I recognized that we, in fact, could succeed by deliberately following their lead, I became a real student of the affiliate network model.

Now it is true - Not all affiliates are "equal". Some probably lose money. Some eke out a bare living.

So what to do? Elementary, Watson. You ignore 99% of the affiliates and study the super affiliates (Yes, there really is such a designation!)

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