JoinThe Anti-Aging Frenzy?

Want to benefit from advances in anti-aging?

First, a disclaimer. Anti-anything usually means its opposite. i.e. the absence of it. Example; "anti-matter" or "anti-anxiety medication".

But, unfortunately for all of us, it does not mean the absence of aging. Instead, the term is widely used to describe forces that make aging more palatable, less unpleasant, and in some instances prevent premature aging.

Actually, in its most common usage, it is used to refer to the act of blocking or preventing those forces which may cause early or premature aging.

So maybe it should be called "Anti Premature-Aging".

There is nothing that PREVENTS aging........YET!

And where it is used the most - skin care, the term anti-aging is widely used, and is the most misleading of all, because all the techniques, whether plastic surgery, botox, or magic potions, are capable only of creating the appearance of younger skin. The skin continues to age. (Just ask someone who stops their treatment!)

On the other hand, there are some real things that you can do which will substantially reduce the risk of premature aging, as well as many of the ravages associated with it. We'll talk more about those things later.

So how long is the "natural" human life span? Some scientists have postulated that if all the things we do to hasten our own demise (just one example; smoking) were removed that we might expect to live to be 120 - or even longer. And that is likely to change.

Remember, in 1900 Americans' average life span was in the 40s! And now it's around 78.

But that tells only part of the story. What good is a longer lifespan if we are afflicted with some of the debilitating conditions that are common to the very elderly.

Well, this is where current medical science shines. We are witnessing medical science's growing ability to attack and even prevent many of these conditions.

So we might as well "look young" and "feel young" while science is figuring out just how to keep us going longer. (But how will we "afford" those extra years?)

So, just how does all this relate to the topic of Online MLM? Simple. Many MLM products claim to have anti-aging properties.

It is my purpose to help you distinguish real facts from pure (and occasionally misleading) hype.

Please check back. More info will follow. In the meantime, while waiting for more anti-aging info, click here to get back to the home page.