How To Build Your Website For Successful Online MLM

When you set out to build your website, remember that there are millions upon millions of them out there somewhere. The vast majority are invisible, with no hope of ever being read.

I read somewhere that there are in the neighborhood of one billion websites floating around. Dont quote me on the number, but there are a lot!

Let's say there are those 1,000,000,000. Let's say you were able to read and evaluate 100 per day. Well, guess what? It's going to take you 10,000,000 days to catch up on them all - and that's not factoring in new ones that come along.

I will be generous and spot you 400 days in a year to make calculations simpler. (But that is working 7 days a week.)

By my calculations, it is going to take you about 25,000 years to read them all. And I dont know about you, but to me it would get awfully boring. Think of how long it will take you if you are careful, and only analyze 10 sites per day! (250,000 years)

Well, you are about to build your website and add one more. Think it will get found?

There are dozens (hundreds? - thousands?) of free or cheap web building and hosting companies. There are gazillions of templates you can use to build your website. But there is a fatal flaw in almost every single one.

They cant help you get found!

So what do you do? You end up like (almost) everybody else and you try to buy traffic to your website!

Sad fact is, now you're no better off than you were in your offline mlm - trying to buy leads. The negative cash flow monster is back and badder than ever.

There is another way. You can create your website so that the search engines(SE) love it and reward you with lots of free traffic. How much free traffic depends a whole lot on how much they love you.


You basically have 2 choices to build your own website. You can do what 95% of "newbies" (I actually hate that word!) do; Get a domaine name from go-daddy, find cheap hosting and free templates; create a site to the best of your ability and stick it out there with the other 999,9999,9999.

Or, create your SE friendly website, from the very beginning, with the enormous help of some great guys like SBI, and the mentoring of one of the classiest guys on the internet, Ken Evoy... Problem is, there aren't any site building companies that come close to SBI.

So complete, SBI is actually taught in some universites as a postgraduate course on how to build your website and conduct an internet business.

Actually, I lied. There are more than 2 ways. You can pay someone to do it for you; and you can get "free" websites from some GRQ companies. And of course, the infamous replicated web sites which our mlm companies "host" for us and which the SE regard as spam.

Do you know that I, for some reason, haven't yet cancelled my mlm's replicated site - and I am paying them as much or more than I do for my SBI "college course". I had the latter for over a year before I even read all the free teaching material they provide. Thousands of pages. And all the (free) software to make it all work.

One final confession; I actually bought an SBI "course" over a year before I did anything with it! Then I figured there had to be a better way, and spent over a year lost in the internet. I knew what I wanted - to build a website and have it hosted. But I became hopelessly lost.

It is dark and cold out there. Lots of monsters. Almost no white hats. Finally, someone, I cant remember who, came in and dragged me back. I was gone so long that when I came out, I had to buy my SBI all over again!

Well, I did learn one thing (at the cost of a year of my life and hundreds of dollars). Ken Evoy was right all along, when he said 'leave the site building, hosting, getting traffic and everything else to me, while you do what you do best - create the content that makes it all work'. And you know what? He even shows you how to do that too!

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