A Fixed Term Membership site (FTM) just may be your "perfect" product!

Membership sites have been the "holy grail" products for many internet marketers for a long time.

Why is that? Very simple - it's called residual income! You don't have to keep creating new products or finding new affiliate products every tiime your campaign begins to fade or customers quit buying.

It's the closest thing going, to a predictable income. Instead of creating a product and selling it for $49, why not get your customer to agree to pay you $49 every month.Hopefully "forever".

But just like creating a monster - you have to keep feeding it! That is, keep coming up with fresh ideas and content to please your subscriber and keep them from un-subscreibing.

So, here's the problem; it has been way too intimidating for most. Frankly, most people who considered creating their own membership site, were turned off by the huge responsibility of faithfully "being there" for their subscribers month after month, especially since there was no end in sight.

Add to that, being under the gun to come up with the right stuff on a tight schedule.

Building it in the first place is too hard for lots of people. And the truth is that the customers usually don't stay subscribed for very long. For one thing, the endless nature of it is intimidating to them as well. "When does my credit card stop being billed?" They lose interest. They move on.

That's where Fixed-Term Membership sites shine! I believe Jimmy D Brown coined the term "Fixed-Term Membership". I'm not positive. And I'm not sure if he came up with the concept in the first place.

But one thing is for sure. The way he does it is going to change everything!


Now, it's almost easier to build a fixed term membership site than it is to create a single product. Besides being way more lucrative. It's almost as if you get your customer to pay you monthly WHILE you are still creating your product


Well, it is really so simple a cave-"person" could do it.

What is equally as amazing is that the purchaser benefits the most.

"Come on!", you say. "How can it be better for both sides of the equation?"

By the very nature of the FTM, the "student" as I will call him/her, gets to start at the very beginning; learn the basics; and build their know-how of the particular topic in a logical fashion. Just like taking a course in school.

Let me put it another way: Would you be willing to sign up for a language course that had neither beginning nor end. Just all the information set out there for you, but no idea where to begin? Sounds pretty hopeless!

And you are paying your hefty tuition all the while - even though you've no idea when it all ends?

So think about a fixed term membership. After all, both the publisher and the subscriber will be relieved to know there is an end in sight!

And, best of all, the subscriber can look forward to learning her chosen subject on a prescribed schedule. Click here to return to the Home Page from Fixed Term Membership