Make Goalsetting Easy For Your Dream MLM Biz By Working Backwards


The purpose of this article is to shake you up a little. To get you thinking. To make you realize that, yes you can, conduct a highly successful MLM business online.

I'm not going to teach you anything. That's for another time. Right now I intend to plant a seed that you will be able to cultivate and nurture, practically at will.

We're going to use one of my favorite techniques. I call it working backward. It is a really simple way to choose your goal, and then follow the steps necessary to achieve that goal. The beauty is that this way you can avoid all those distractions. You can focus like a laser!

You probably use it when you have to drive someone to the airport. "What time does your plane leave?" 6PM. "What time do you have to be there?" 4PM. "How long to get there?" Half Hour. "We'll stop and get a bite." 20 minutes. "We'll allow another half hour for rush hour." Now you know exactly where (when) to start!

The point is, you would never plan a critical decision casually. But I'll bet that's exactly what you are doing with your "hope" of building your Dream Online MLM Biz. There is so much "clutter" and background noise on the internet, that being able to focus intently and build your business is next to impossible.


Six Steps`To Build Your Dream Online MLM Biz:

(6) You email your huge list of prospective customers and business partners the information they are "begging for".

That is, how they can build a business just like yours! Or how they can order the products you've created the desire for.

In fact, quite a few of the prospects have already e-mailed you first. Or called you. They couldn't wait

You have created such an anticipation and so much trust, that your business explodes. You have "presold" them.

And, after all, they were already on the internet, hoping to find an opportunity -just like yours!

What's more, you have an additional business, recommending and selling affiliate products to this same list.

(Now, compare this list of hundreds or thousands of eager prospects to your tiny list of unwilling fiends and family!)

(5) You learn how to create your list of prospects by getting them to "opt-in" to your list from your landing page

(4) You attract Targeted Traffic (People looking for you and your opportunity!) to your landing page

(3) You prepare your website and your "landing page" with valuable information your visitor has been seeking about your niche (eg. weight loss)

(2) You decide on a market or niche that you can master (eg. weight loss)

(1) You learn the basics of Internet Marketing (NOT MLM!)

What you have done, is you have followed the guidelines of a very successful internet marketing business.

Without learning and understanding the basics of internet marketing, you cannot succeed with your online MLM business. You have, in fact, just built a very effective super-affiliate business model.

Believe it or not, as an MLMer, you are an affiliate marketer. Think about it! Both of you sell other people's stuff in return for a commision.

Affiliate marketers have it down cold! And have for years! MLMers dont have a clue! - Till now!

Do you realize the power of "working backwards"? Think about it. If you already know (step 6) what your business looks like, getting there is a lead-pipe cinch. You simply have to complete each step before it. And you have strained out all that enormous background noise.

Compare that to where you are now. Can you picture your goal so clearly that nothing can stand in your way? Or is it all kind of fuzzy?

And does it change daily if not hourly? Does the next "deal" look even better - till you spend 50 bucks on it and find it's another scam.

Working Backwards. The ultimate way to focus on your goal.