How To MLM? - The Answer Is In The Squeeze Page!

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HOW TO MLM online? You'll need free MLM leads.

This is it! This is what you have been looking for. Exactly how to build your MLM business. Exactly how to get endless, free MLM leads. Leads from guys and gals who are desperately begging to join YOUR business.

You have spent months - maybe years - learning WHAT to do to build your online MLM business. Especially what to do to get free MLM leads (online).

Well, you are about to find out HOW to MLM!HOW TO MLM leads and attraction marketing. And this information could catapault you into that online MLM business of your dreams.

You may have noticed; 99.99% of the info on the internet is WHAT TO. The premium stuff is the HOW TO!HOW TO MLM is here for you.

We're talking targeted leads! People who have "googled" search terms that are an exact match for what you have to offer. Thousands. Tens of thousands are looking. Probably more. Hoping that they will find ----YOU!

I have worked long and hard to come up with a system that would teach you HOW TO: HOW TO MLM. HOW TO ATTRACTION MARKETING. HOW TO FREE LEADS.- - only to find that the system already exists! And, believe me, it is exploding!

A system that draws desperate MLM wannabes to you like iron shavings to a magnet.

A system that Earns you money while you are learning. You can even earn money from those who dont join your group.(That so called "funded proposal" that you have heard of but had no idea what it meant).

This is NOT an MLM company. It's a system that lets you get free MLM leads for YOUR MLM company. The guys who put this one together have taken Attraction Marketing to a whole new level. How to MLM in spades!


Online MLM has to be conducted the same way that all highly successful Internet Marketing (IM) businesses do it. Hard sell doesn't work. Attraction marketing is the secret.

And attraction marketing requires a "squeeze page" or lead capture page!

You'll have NO BUSINESS without a dynamite squeeze page.

Dont know what a squeeze page is? It is simply the page that has that form to enter your name and email. And the information on that page that entices you to give someone your info.

Once you enter the info, you have just become someone's "lead". Your info goes into her "list" where she will communicate with you by email. (All done painlessly by autoresponder.)


So to build your list of leads that you will communicate with by email, you must have a squeeze page (lead capture page). That is how you will get free MLM leads.

The problem is, creating one is the biggest stumbling block for most online MLM wannabes! Especially the rookies, or newbies. It can seem like an insurmountable obstacle.

* What if I'm not a techie? * How do I build one? * Why doesn't it work? * Do I need a video? * How do I do the video? * What's the secret to getting signups? * How in the heck do I offer my prospect a "freebie"? * How do I deliver the freebie to them? * Should I use a template? * Should I outsource mine? * What will that cost? * It worked last year, Why doesn't it work now? * Do I need an autoresponder? ( what is that, anyway?) * How do I create the "thank you page"? * How do I make all these things work together?

What if these tasks were all done for you? What if all you had to do was fill in a few blanks and hit enter? What if you could start seeing results TODAY? And then what if the guys who did all this for you went on to give you the most intensive world-class training to teach you exactly how to use your new squeeze page? (Plus excellent webinar recordings on every conceivable topic, as well as All-star MLMers coaching you every step of the way.)

After that, it's EASY STREET!!

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