Lousy Training Often Leads To Failure In MLM

Why does lousy training seem to be a hallmark of network marketing? It's really hard to come up with another career choice that treats training so casually.

You are told that you can earn more than a physician who has completed 6 to 12 years of special training (and that's after getting her college degree)!

And all you have to do is read a little booklet and listen to a couple of conference calls. Maybe have a few Saturday AM training meetings.

What other line of work could you enter with such lousy traing? Firefighter? I think not. Real Estate sales? Got to get your license. I dont know, but my guess is McDonalds has a reasonable training program - just so you can earn a minimum wage. But we are going to earn millions without that silly training stuff! We can't be bothered. - - - -So we fail!

Networkers hardly ever even get good sales training. As a matter of fact, we often tell our prospects "you dont have to sell anything, this is just networking".

We deny to ourseves that we are marketers. Hence we probably spend more time socializing than learning anything. I'm afraid most of our prospects regard mlm as a pastime - not a real business.

The fact is Network Marketing, or Multilevel Marketing, is Marketing! Get used to it. You signed on to sell a company's products to prospective customers - for a commision! You even get paid more commision if you introduce another marketer to the company (when he makes some sales).

Sometimes even the lousy training gets ignored in the rush to get to the "big bucks". Can you imagine how many people would even consider mlm if they had to fulfill a 6 or 12 month required training period?

Then lets add a $5,000 or $10,000 "tuition" to even get that training. And if you have kids or friends in college or even if you are in college, you are aware that most tuition is far more than that.

The point is, network marketing is a great opportunity. And like any other career choice, you have to prepare for it. And you have to calculate in some costs in both money and time if you expect to be successful. And the prepared ones are invariably successful.

We'll discuss what it takes to be prepared to make mlm work - both offline and online - in a later page.