Online Mlm Success Training Major Factor in Web Mlm Success

Mlm success training. Sound like a pipedream? For all the years that I tried my hand at mlm, I kept looking for that magic moment when I would be fully and effectively trained to "duplicate" the process.

Talk about frustration. I had 6 months training in the Navy as a hospital corpsman. I had 4 years of medical school plus college plus training after med school. I taught medical chemistry technicins for two years in the Navy.

I believe I am qualified to comment on training. Oh, yeah, I forgot - both of my parents and my wife taught school.

I have never seen anything as ridiculous as traditional mlm "training". What I really wanted was true mlm success training.

Believe it or not, my favorite training was that done by the Navy. There was no way that you "couldn't" learn. Very regimented.

First they told you what they were going to teach you; Then they taught you; Then they went to great lengths to tell you what they just taught you.

Well the competition on the internet is much more fierce than with traditional mlm. There is simply no way you can survive without true mlm success training - being taught to do everything the correct way.

I wandered through the wilderness of the internet for over a year - and I am talking hours a day, looking for a mentor. But what you find in internet marketing is not mentors. No, they are all "gurus". And most gurus dont have a mentoring bone in their body.

Oh, they'll sell you the "ultimate" course of instruction how to make money exactly the way they do. Let's see, I must have a dozen or more ultimate courses, and a hard drive full of e-books. If you can afford it, you might even get invited to one of their $15,000 per head weekend seminars.

Their favorite website consists of page after page of the enormous checks that they receive. The implication is simple. If you buy their course, you, too, will be getting checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars every month. Or is that every week?

It is my goal to make sure that every person who undertakes this adventure with me, will end up with all the information he/she needs to build a very successful online mlm business. They may have to subscribe to a newsletter, or e-course. They may have to get some of the information from other (linked, of course) sources. Real mlm success training.

They may have to listen to some of my pet peeves. Gurus come to mind? I may recommend some products that will help you, and from which I might get an affiliate commision. But remember the spirit in which this is being done. I want you, when you "graduate" to be doing all the same things I'm showing you. So, I will never be 'sneaky' with you. You can get all that you want from surfing the internet commerce web.

It wont be easy or quick. It takes time and hard work to build a real business. I may slip up, and I hope you'll help me out. I have no misconception about my webmaster skills. If it weren't for a real mentor, Ken Evoy, and his unique SBI (Solo Build It) we wouldn't even be having this discussion. We'll talk more about SBI later.

I read someplace that you have to read something 7 times (or is it 9?) before you really retain the information. You will not learn how to build a prosperous business by skimming this material.

Last but not least, I want you to understand that my end of it wont be "finished" for quite some time. I'll be adding, editing, polishing and probably rearranging to keep making it more thorough and easier.