MLM Success Online Possible? You'd Better Believe It!


Huge mlm success is a fact for quite a few people. (Remember, though, most people are not successful) A few network marketers have even found success on the internet. You could probably count their number on 2 hands. But a small group of pioneers has found their way around the landmines and has begun to mark a course for the rest of us.


There are common elements in all their successes.

(1) They all have their own strong online business which thrives even without their mlm success.

(2) They all use good Internet Marketing (IM) techniques.

(3) They ignore the tired old offline mlm business model.

(4) They all use some form of "magnetic" marketing and sponsoring. They dont buy leads, bug their families, drag unwilling "prospects" to meetings, fill their closets with "marketing material".

They do presell their products and their business on their websites so that they do have their customers and their business prospects begging to do business with them.


Pay close attention, because this is one of the keys to making your website work. You've built a high quality website with the answers to your searcher's questions. Remember, they were searching for a solution to their problem - Not looking for something to buy.

So they loved the information you gave them, and have come to regard you as an expert on the subject, and are coming to trust you and what you have to say.

Now is the tme to bring up the subject that is important to you!

Since you have built a relationship with them, they are going to be very interested in things that you have to recommend, or even offer. You have pre-sold them!

But they may visit your website only once. So the trick is in getting their permission to communicate with them over and over.

How you actually go about reaching them with your recommendations, or offers is the subject of another discussion.