Tired MLM Old Games Are Past History They Just Dont Work Online!

I imagine that playing the old games that are pretty much "required" in the old offline mlm, are as tiresome to you as they are to me.

Traditional mlm is pretty much a party scene. Maybe stems from the original "tupperware party" scenario. But lets face it. If it's a home meeting, there are probably a few snacks. At the weekly "hotel" meeting there is definitely a festive air.

And the conventions! The really big celebrations.

Online mlm is all business.

Online mlm is far more like the businesses that we are all accustomed to. Work like crazy, get your work done, and go home and relax. Except that you are probably already at home, or your condo in Maui, or on your yacht, or maybe even visiting your kids in Miami.

The point is, if you are really in this for the income, dont waste your time playing the old games.

Online - it's all business. Twice(or 10 times) the results in half the time. And dont forget the gas you saved!