Networkers' Quest For That Elusive Online MLM Secret

Quest for the perfect mlm business? Search no longer; it's all here in the online mlm secret.

Now, just what is the perfect multilevel marketing business?

PERFECT: Everything we want; Nothing we dont want

MULTILEVEL: A system of compensation that allows us to profit from acts of others whom we recruit and train

MARKETING: Act of advertising and selling goods or services

BUSINESS: Actions we engage in to earn an income by providing goods or services (note; These are my definitions; not Mr. Webster's)

The implication is that a business is ongoing, sustainable, furnishes an income and has intrinsic value such that it might be sold, inherited, etc

Marketing, on the other hand, might be the simple act of selling a piece of furniture on E-bay.

So, our ultimate quest is for a business! Once we have that business, we will use multilevel marketing as a feature. Multilevel marketing is not the business - It's how we get compensated for the business that we do.

And we choose to do our business on the internet. Right? So now we have that online mlm secret to make it happen. If we want our own business, and we want it on the internet, we've got to learn proper techniques for doing business online!

So, you're going to have to learn the basics of Internet Marketing(IM). That's where we come in..

Unlike many internet marketers who live from deal to deal, our internet business will be marketing goods and services over and over, and as a consequence, the business will grow steadily, and you will realize the benefits of leveraged, residual income. (that most internet marketers will never see, and can only envy).

Our multilevel marketing business will entail recruiting and training others to help us market those goods and services.

Therefore, Our perfect multilevel marketing business means; (1) It's OUR business - not the parent mlm company's (2) It's perfect - Everything we want-nothing we dont

Well, now we are down where the rubber meets the road! What do we really want? How do we achieve that? How can we utilize online mlm secret to get us there? And what's so unique about the new network marketing online model?

Bill wants to pay his mortgage, have college money for his 2 kids 11 & 14 and still retire in 7 years.

Betty has her sights set on quitting her dead-end job and moving to Maui.

Erik wants to earn $50k per month like the MLM Super Stars

And then there is Doctor J. Already retired - would just like to feel a little more comfortable with a few extra hundred dollars coming in.

In other words, our quest, as well as our definition of perfect, is different for each of us.

So first of all define what it is you want. And what you dont. What makes it perfect for you. Then realize you are a marketer. A multilevel marketer by choice. Realize you have to have your own real business, and web site. You have chosen to operate your business on the internet. You must learn the basics of internet marketing. Then modify your mlm business to the internet marketing model. We teach you the details. Please click on network marketing online.

The quest continues.