Strategic Internet Marketing Basics Must-know IM Fundamentals

You must learn strategic internet marketing basics to have any success with your new online mlm business. The old way of "doing" mlm online has been a complete fizzle.

So do it the way you know has been working for prosperous internet marketers for years. Do it the way they do it! And believe me, they do not put up a bunch of sales pages on their sites and pray for customers.

They intrigue the searcher. They finesse their relationship. They coax the surfer - step by step.

Once they have captured the readers' attention, gained their trust,and created a dynamic of "I've simply got to learn more about this guy's ideas", (in other words, "pre-sold" them), then they are ready for plan B!

The next step is to clinch that relationship. While you have her interest, and she figures that you are OK and also seem to know what you're talking about, you get her permission to continue the relationship after she has signed off and possibly forgotten your URL.

She agrees to give you her email address in exchange for your promise of new information; A newsletter; Maybe a four part course on how to treat acne; An ebook; In other words more content that is of real value to her.

You are now the proud owner of THE LIST!

Whether it's a list of a few hundred or many thousands, your new and growing list is what makes it work for you.

You will continue to provide her with valuable information, but now you can weave your MWR (most wanted response) in with it. Your products; your opportunity; Affiliate products you want to earn a commision on; You are ready to do some serious monetizing.

You dont even have to deal with people on your list individually.

Your autoresponder will do all the work!

Remember, I told you this was going to be totally different from the way you were taught to network. And totally different from the way others have tried to do it online. Strategic internet marketing to the rescue!

Dont worry, this will all get tied together before we're done.