Truth on Mlm Explores Mlm Problems Online & Offline

Truth on mlm will explore problems with the network marketing industry, both traditional offline and the new online. Since there are lots of problems with traditional "offline" mlm (and the truth that about 95% of those who start an mlm business, fail, confirms it) then simply bringing that awkward system to the internet where everything is faster and even more unforgiving, is a real recipe for disaster.

So, why is it that so many people who begin a network marketing business eventually give up? Equally important, why do so many become embittered and cynical about the industry?


Well, I have done a lot of research, and the two questions actually have two different answers.

It is clear that a vast number of mlm reps finally "resign" after they have exhausted their initial financial stake.

Problem number one: negative cash flow

Most mlm companies have comp plans that bring in cash very slowly at first. And many new reps are starting on a shoestring and end up running up large credit card debts. They just cant earn enough at first to keep up with the financial drain.

Many quit, frankly, because they never really get started.

Problem number two: unreasonable expectations!

Usually not the new recruit's fault. The truth on mlm is that they are often the victim of hype and of their sponsor's relative lack of knowhow to perform the business. Caught up in the sponsor's excitement, they may sign on. But it well may be that they were never highly qualified business partner candidates in the first place. Therefore, finding qualified, motivated prospects is one of the most important things you can do. (But never forget when you are working on the internet, they have to be able to find you!)

One of the most unique problems is the way we get trained to conduct our "million dollar" business

Problem number three: lousy training

Let's say, lucky you, have just been pitched and decided to embark on a new career which most likely will earn you $50,000 a month or more, once you have learned the ropes. So guess who is training you for this lifetime of financial and time freedom? Most likely your sponsor who hasn't quite cracked the $100 a month level yet. Anyone see a problem there?

Problem number four: internet mlm

Taking your mlm business which you may still be doing poorly, and deciding to "do it on the internet" where everything is even more frantic and more unforgiving. Chances of being ground to dust? Almost 100%!

Problem number five: those old games

There just is no place in the new online mlm for the old mlm games.