Unreasonable Expectations One Chief Cause Of Mlm Failure

Little doubt that unreasonable expectations are among the main ingredients to failure in mlm.

Why the prevalence of unreasonable expectations? That's really pretty simple. I doubt that potential members of any other livelihood or employment are subject to as much hype as prospective network marketers are.

We get promised "the beaches of the world". If we just get our friends and family all to join with us we'll have financial (and time) freedom.

Once I regained my rational, objective nature, I made the observation that the very people who are successful and promise us that time freedom seem to be working 80 hours a week.

But, for the most part, when people realize that there really is work involved in networking, the whole vision starts to lose it's lustre.

Maybe if that were the only problem, it could be overcome, but when the new rep finds out how lousy the training is, how much money he is spending, how cynical his friends are becoming, how many of his prospects "fail to show", the lustre starts to turn to rust.

The promise of lifetime compounded, leveraged, residual income didn't change. It's as valid as it ever was. It was the rep who changed. He just couldn't figure out how to reach that promise. What he did figure out, was all the smoke that had been blown at him, so he began to doubt the foundation.

Another, cynical, mlm-hater is born.

Let's take that fire fighter we talked about earlier. There is virtually no way that he can arrive on the job with unreasonable expectations. Why? Part of his rigorous training will be to rid him of romantic notions and instill the need for hard work and focus. And, dont forgeet the military recruit. Think boot camp doesn't bring a dose of reality?